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GK Project and Cost Engineering was founded in 1991 as Grobler Koen (PTY) Ltd and have, over almost three decades, acquired expertise in projects varying from offices, strip & mall type retail centres, lodges, private schools, motor dealerships, filling stations, townships, warehousing, highrise apartments, health and fitness centres, etc.

Services and Vision

GKP offers a full range of quantity surveying and cost management services from inception to successful completion.

We believe the development of a comprehensive project brief is an essential and the most important component of a successful project.

Regular cost review meetings ensure that the original brief remains in focus, identify potential problems early and enable the project team together with the client to take appropriate action.

Company Profile

Name of firm: Grobler Koen (Pty) Ltd (established 01 March 1991)
Change name of company to GK Project and Cost Engineering on 01 March 2007.
Established a second company, GK Projects Consulting in 2018.

Registration with professional Associations and Councils

Registered with The South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession. Member of The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors.


We are or have been involved in projects varying from office developments, hotels, lodges, private schools, retail, auditoriums, refurbishments, pharmaceutical, motor dealerships, township developments, filling stations, warehousing and offices, retirement villages, etc.

Human Resource Development

GK Projects comprises medium size companies who encourage our staff to attend regular courses to develop their skills related to general business, as well as the participation in the Continuing Professional Development System monitored by our Association. We have been involved in preparing documentation specifically designed to ensure active involvement of sub-contractors previously excluded from the market due to lack of knowledge regarding tender procedures and contractual matters.

Client/QS Agreement

The Association of SA Quantity Surveyors have published a model form of agreement to be used between the consultant and employer which cares for the interests of both parties. We prefer using the model agreement although all our contracts thus far have been negotiated to suit each particular project without the model form of agreement.

Fee Structure

Fee structures have been based on the tariff fee as published by the association as a guideline. Each project’s fee will be negotiated based on type of project, responsibilities, specific involvement over and above normal duties, etc.

PI Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is renewed annually with a present limit of R 10.0 million. Should the client or specific project require a higher limit or specific cover for a special project, this can be arranged.

Vested Interests

Our association compels us to record any involvement in any firm, company or product which could in any way jeopardise our professional service.




Club 2 Development.
Commercial Building Merit Award​.

nomination 2018

Club 2 Development.

Spectrum Awards

nomination 2018

Waterfall Corner.
South Africa’s best retail development at the 19th Annual SACSC Congress

Retail design and development award 2015

Waterfall Corner.
South Africa’s best retail development at the 19th Annual SACSC Congress. (Neighborhood & Convenience Centres)


Tel: (012) 665 1231/2


Physical Address:

Unit 6, Block D, Southdowns Office Park
21 Karee Street
Irene Ext. 54
Centurion, Gauteng
South Africa

Postal Address:

Postnet Suite 194
Private Bag X32
Highveld Park